• Yearly gynecologic exams with emphasis on preventative health care
  • Abnormal pap smears including Colposcopy and LEEP
  • Breast problems including aspiration of large and/or painful cysts
  • Pelvic pain
  • Menstrual problems
  • Endometriosis treatment
  • Perimenopause and Menopausal issues including HRT and bio-identical hormones
  • Contraception including IUD’s and office sterilization
  • On site ultrasound for immediate evaluation of the pelvic area
  • Treament of PMS and PMDD
  • Endometrial Ablation– in office Minerva
  • Essure – in office sterilization

INCONTINENCE AND PROLAPSE (treatment of bladder and pelvic floor disorders)

  • Bladder testing (urodynamics) to diagnose and identify treatment options
  • Insertion of pessaries
  • Medical and Behavioral treatment correction of incontinence


  • Ovulation induction
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Treatment of endometriosis
  • IVF services (in coordination with IVF Michigan, Rochester Hills, or The Fertility Center, Grand Rapids). Monitoring of follicles and lab work can be done in Petoskey. Retrieval and transfer is completed downstate.