Our office of highly dedicated, caring professionals are very proud of our reputation of providing advanced women's health care in a comfortable, personalized setting. We offer a full spectrum of gynecologic care from yearly preventative exams to the treatment of many complex problems such as endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, incontinence, pelvic floor prolapse, ovulation and fertility, and menopausal symptoms.We treat you as an individual and afford the appropriate time to attend to your particular needs.

Dr. Clare Heidtke has extensive training and experience in new medical procedures that offer quicker recovery time, lower cost, and less pain compared to traditional treatments. Many of these procedures can be done in-office without going to the hospital. Common problems treatable with new, less invasive procedures can be explored further using the square buttons above.

We have always taken the lead in bringing the latest improvements in care to the area and continue to provide innovative options to our patients. View our list of medical services for more information.