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The team is composed of myself, Dr.Clare Heidtke, board certified OB/GYN, Rachelle Janecki, my medical assistant since 1999, and Maria Tibaldi, our Front Office manager.

I  think you will find our gynecology office unique, and appreciate the time and attentive care we spend to care for each and every patient. Since 1983, I have gained the knowledge, experience and now the extra time to provide the personal, full range of high quality office gynecologic care that you would like to have. I am also the only one in Northern Michigan to provide comprehensive treatment of infertility , and am able to work closely with Fertility centers located in Michigan's metropolitan areas, to provide IVF treatments if needed.

You will appreciate the small, friendly, personal nature of a solo practice, a rapidly vanishing way of providing healthcare, in this day and age of increasingly large medical organizations. We are good listeners and willing to explain what's going on in terms that you can understand. Patients find us easy to talk to (and as we know, gynecology involves some pretty personal, often embarrassing issues), and I am known for my honesty and practical approach to treating medical problems. When major surgery is required,I am happy to make arrangements for you to see the  best, most appropriate surgeon for further care.

Please look through the website for registration forms, and further info about the practice as well as gynecologic and women's wellness issues.


(231) 487-0970
2810 Charlevoix Ave
Petoskey, MI 4977

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